Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Journey To Vintage:

Know your passion, pick a lane and run. . .

My love for fashion is similar to a ‘real’ relationship. Fashion/Style, if you allow it, will tell or echo who you are. Without word its will, when gracefully embraced, speak for you and make that statement for you.

I love the opportunity to transform myself to suit my personality.

Fashion is pleasure. We have over time denied ourselves the joys of rewarding ourselves through style. Competition, limited options, lack of knowledge and then Money Matters/The elusive ‘dollar’/Shillingi ya uwa tena mau (as the old song goes)...

Style is an extension of your story there must be something you would want the world to know about who you are without you doing all the work to explain? I, just the other day discovered what my story, my niche, the narration that echoes in my inner world. A mouth-full I know, but now that I have found that out, I can't help but celebrate...

I have to admit, when i started blogging a few years back i was going along with the craze, the hype that everyone was blogging and most of my friends were always telling me to start my blog and considering that this credible research group comprising of my very loyal friends was trusted so i did it to please them and that silent part of myself not knowing what i wanted to do and what my point of view was, UNTIL NOW

It all started after a recent conversation with a colleague who is a director of photography and a lady passed us. She was wearing a body con dress he stared for the longest time (drool included) and for a minute our conversation was shelved. After he was done with the staring he gave me a weird look and said,”Joan how comes you never wear such fitting dresses we need to see something stop wearing this old school, matronly modest clothes”.

Being big on opinion and with a 21st century empower mouth, ready to channel Rosie Riveter at the drop of a hat, I challenged him and told him I will wear that short body con dress you want me to wear only if he agreed to my deal which was meeting his parents while rocking that tiny, transparent dress. Okay some say well why would you give in to the deal but i did to make a point and there was a plus to this process but back to the story.
He stammered got confused and said, “You cant meet my parents with that dress you have to wear something respectful”. That comment sealed the deal. So my old school mother modest long dresses were applicable if i was to meet his parents but if i am not meeting his parents my whole body frame needs to be somewhere out there for the public to see so that i would to get the wrong kind of attention UUUUMMM  i don't think so!!

I personally feel confident in who i am, people address me with respect plus am past that age where i feel that i need to appease the populace by wearing short tight dresses i did it in my 20’s and am done with that chapter. During this challenge i discovered that is not my story. Mine is not a story that will be applaud by the masses and dropped when they are done...And i don't mean there is anything wrong with trends, it has its place in my closet BUT...the ‘trends’ that will weave my fashion come from the tailors of the good, great old days. Vintage victors of fashion. When fashion spoke with a gentle, and in some cases sensual class.  

I love my long retro Queen Elizabeth dresses full of mixed prints, mixed colors, I feel at home at home here.

Initially, when went shopping i found myself drawn to vintage clothes, antiques without even realizing that's actually my lane it had to take the intervention of my colleague who called me an old-school-matronly-modest who loves to wear long clothes, to know where my passion lies and am happy i have found my compass. . .and i would hope that you take some time to find your story through fashion it need not burn your pocket all the way through once you take the time to discover what you love, choose to celebrate your story, be confident and respect your body you will be fine...i even dare to bet you will be happier than you ever even bring back fun to shopping while you managing   the pressure of expense and competition with our African Joneses.

Say hello to vintage fashion stylist, blogger and collector. The Africa Vintage Oasis. This is where i belong.



It's Black History month which is celebrated every year in the month of February, i think its important to celebrate it by acknowledging all our heroes from and beyond this continent who chose to take a stand to call for space for all, who campaigned for equity.

The history of this holiday might not be one that has its roots in Africa BUT i choose to jump on in recognition of the importance to celebrate our heritage and our cultural  differences.

Today i want to recognize and appreciate Wangari Maathai. The first African woman to have ever received the Nobel peace prize for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.

Wangari Maathai loved nature and was a die hard advocate for the protection of the environment and I want to follow in her footsteps. To know my passion and run for it...To choose to be more for myself and the generations to come...To choose to stand and be counted as a woman.

So, today, I dedicate Black History Month to her and all our African mums for the courage to run ahead to clear the way for us. We honour you and we stand in the light of your warm legacy.

It is a significant month in history and in love...who will you be celebrating...

(Wangari Maathai pictures courtesy of Google)


Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Genesis 12:2:
I'll make a great nation of your descendants, I'll bless you, and I'll make your reputation great, so that you will be a blessing. 

Life is not always about receiving but giving and giving. Am happy to stand tall and say I dared to be different, gave back to the society and it was all worth it. A long journey it has been but God has seen me through it all. December being my Birthday month and my initiatives first anniversary I got the privilege of being featured on true love magazine. A prominent Kenyan personality read my piece was impressed and now wants to be part of my baby initiative. All I can say is God is merciful and his love endures forever. I want to thank all those who supported me. Thank you.

Monday, 15 June 2015


In our conversation Last week I had mentioned how my weekend was going to be full of color, giggles, juicy gossip. Believe me it turned out as i had imagined...such a warm amazing reunion...

Before, I start on how the hotness needs not to fade just because one is in the family way let me pay some homage to our bi-dazzled bond. Trishie Trish with whom we go way and i mean way back was a colleague and a friend.

The first time we met we were at the initial stages of employment okay, we were interning and at that point in life the fantasy of journey the professional mile was glamorous enough but not for Trish oh no! Trish used to stress our shady lives...
she was the office Fashionista even as a new bee. She was that friend and for some colleague who brings it and serves the potions hot and right! #goldielocksbabybears’porridge

Every one has that one ‘gurl that Fashionsta in your office whose wardrobe you would raid without giving a blinking thought with only a few seconds here and there to scratch your head!! That Trish ‘all day -every day’ she would drop a trend and all you think beside the blasphemous Ghai!!! is an unholy gnashing of teeth as you pay the compliment ‘Chic. . . you look soo fab where do you shop, can I get the top and oh while your at it can you kindly tone down?!?!?!

Well that was then, time has given us time to catch up to the trend setters and find fun in building our image. Years have passed and now beauty Trish is expectant and am honestly glad to see her still 'glamming' up...yeah, it is possible to be glam and expecting...takes extra effort but its all worth it not to loose your shine even as you are about to bring a miracle in the so happy for her!!! Ever smiling, full of jokes, trendy as ever. Thats the spirit. This should be our story even as we plan out life when the ticking clock stop as you transition into your new space it is possible to hold the glow for you because your glow is worth keeping up...
(not because of the neighborhood Kardashianbut just because you are worth it...

From what she tells me being expectant is amazing.

Play around with your outfits. 

Trish wore a purple bandage dress with leather sleeves, chunky necklace, neon heels and she looked good!!! Take a look. . .

Monday, 8 June 2015


Hey beautiful people?

So, what plans do you have for the weekend? As for me, my weekend will be full of juicy catch up gossip I will be going to visit my sooo trendy sister at her place with my other stylish girlfriend ( call it a reunion of the century). The last time I saw my girl Trish was when i was 20 years old sigh! Am now a senior citizen - Glam Mama as nene leakes puts it :-) my weekend will be full of ‘thigh-slapping-hi-5in’ laughs & warm hugs.

Feel free to share ***details*** of how you weekend unfolded.

Let me start by sharing my love addiction to beauty, “Hey, My name is Joan and am an Addict of all things ‘Fabulous’” that village is my happy place...that's how much I love beauty.

Yesterday was ‘Joan treat-yourself-day’ I went to get my nails did and No, it was not at a very bourgie SPA in the middle of the exclusive Abedares forest it was in town. To be precise Imenti house, Moi avenue dint expect that right did you? Well, you can find beauty in unexpected corners. 

When it comes to beauty services it’s all about good customer care, respect, and appreciation; with policies like ‘the customer is always right’ driving many to create attractive packages to get your last shilling. This is what I get from John the wizard whose magic transforms my nails. Like clockwork, he calls me after every two weeks to tell me Hey, glam chic do you know you need to come and change that gel polish cos it’s going to cramp your diplomatic lifestyle?’ He is keen on keeping me on my toes when looking out for my image I feel I have a vision partner and plus am comfortable around him. I can tell him something like, “by the way dude I hate this nail polish and he would be like lets change it if you don't like it. And that's the kind of relationship that I see growing with in the future I am involved in my look.

As much as am diva conscious about what’s in and what’s a ‘no-no’ sometime your lose your voice when you walk into a parlour and the connection is missing. Have you ever gone to a Nail spa and you don't like a particular service that they've offered? And it’s just a stiff walk in and walk out. And you can’t air your grievances because you fear what will be said? Sad. But not with John, in his little spot he is making little strides that are making a big impact and he is building a strong relationship with clientele such as myself and that means more to me than a coffee cup in a bourgie par-lour that forgets me as soon as I walk out.

Before I discovered John through my friends, friends I used to go to a pretty high end Nail spa somewhere in one of the Up market neighborhoods’ where I used to pay 4,000 shillings( $ 40) for the prestige purposes firstly, I never used to like the service I was getting and honesty it was just pricey I now pay 1000 shillings ($10) for my gel nail polish am happy, I look amazing plus I get to save 3000 shillings( $30) which I now use to buy food stuffs for a good cause for some of the foundations I support.

When it comes to beauty- Nails in particular it doesn't matter where your making your nails, what matters is the service, the price, always measure it’s worth, do your math, if it’s not adding up then it’s not worth it, save that dime because you don't know whether that financial investment will soon turn to a regret...I have found my spot good service, comfortable price and endless lolly pops to boot for my sweet tooth (we will talk about dental another time that one could be a tough one esp. with my sweet tooth)
The end product loove, loove it :-)

soaking time. . . .

The cutting process. . .

The part where i get a massage. . .

The claws are out. . .

Cut and filed to precision. . .

Lovely day,


Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Happy Madaraka day!! Hope you had a good cross into the beginning 
of the last part of 2015. 

Feels great to be back after a decade at least that's how long it’s been for me. 
Am in a good place, thank God! and this marks a new beginning for me. 
In this new chapter we (yes we) shall share, what colours our world moments&moods, 
blush&brush, savory tastes&salty tears 
all that ripples our world from our bossoms to our boots, head to heel. 

There’s a lot that we shall share lets start with you...what have i missed out on??? 
Send me your laughs, fashion favs / upcoming trends&shockers...

I’ll start...It was a cold chilly Madaraka commemoration. First off , i dedicate this moment to 
thank our National Heroes for braving to fight for the freedom of our country. 

Now, Being a very cold 52nd Madaraka day I was in the mood for some fun so I dressed the part. I wanted to achieve a rugged, sexy, fun look. 

The only thing missing was a red 1299 Panigale super bike...and (i dare say) the 6”4” 
Khaled Abol Naga for an ‘IDEAL’ photo op! Which i missed out on 
:-( when he was in the country for anti-poaching campaign at Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Share your thoughts of the look...further still share your version of the biker look... 

Have a lovely day,


Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Mexican National day!!

Viva Mexico!!!!

Hey you beautiful people?
 How was your week-end? Trusting, it was super-duper, as mine . . . I went for my nieces birthday party, Diva Leilani she was turning 4 yeah!!! The event was at the 4u you Chinese Restaurant in Valley arcade, Laving ton.  That place is so, so beautiful, the ambiance is breath taking the food was yummy.  Round two is a must . . . anyways, last week Monday it was the Mexican National day it’s similar to our Jamuhuri day, or makadara day. I got the privilege of attending it and I was so impressed  the music was so aweeeeeeeeeeeesome  don’t get me started on the Mexican delicacy it’s  heavenly, I love, love spicy foods so I enjoyed each and every bite. . The margarita’s, tequilas were something else I tell you, very smooth.  .  .

Mexican Delicacies. . .

one word. . .Yummy, Yummy. . .

Chillies tam, tam. . .

The Mexican Drinks. . . .Yummy, Yummy. . . .

Acting Ambassador Mexican Embassy Mireya Dominguez . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Nyong'o with the Eritrean Ambassador. . .

Maria Fernanda Consul De Mexico striking a pose. . .

Acting Ambassador Mireya Dominguez Mexican Embassy with a friend. . .

First Secretary Pakistan Embassy M.Saleem Ullah with my friend Anusha. . .

meeeeeee giving the IT Pose . . .

Maria Fernanda Consul De Mexico, Anusha, Celestine looking lovely ladies. . .

P.A. ambassador Mexican Embassy  Irene Kagwe and I. . . The Colgate smile. . .

Edgar administrator Mexican Embassy, P.A. to the Ambassador Irene Kagwe , Anusha, Diego Head of communication Mexican Embassy and Sharon Nyambura P.A .deputy ambassador. . .

Mexicans enjoying themselves. . .

Anusha and I. . .

it's allll all smiles. . .

Lovely Monday,