Wednesday, 30 April 2014


All- Sporty!!

Hey lovely people?

Hoping you’re all well. . Today was one of those random days, I was feeling  a bit under the weather and the scorching sun dint make it any better at all!! Anyways. . I love to look good on Mondays, Wednesday’s, Fridays and Saturdays I actually don’t know why I do that, it just happens hahaha!!

Today being a Wednesday I decided to wear my multicolored (Color Blocked) dress and I threw in my All Star blue Trainers which are sooo, sooo comfortable to just get the feel of  sporty and I think it kind of worked. what do you think???

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Good Times!!

Hey, hey, hey? Today I was going through my photos which are like a million and one trust me I got loads, and loads am a picture person. As I was scrolling through I bumped into my awesome Holiday Pictures in DARESALAM/ ZANZIBAR with my fav, fav girlfriends. And it hit me life is indeed short so you have to enjoy every moment you get and appreciate people who have always been there for you. Anyways. . .
I constantly insist on treating yourself once in a while if you achieve one/ two or even three of your set goals in life. This holiday was one of my GOALS and treating myself was in order. Well, I have reallllly, like reallly struggled with the all time fluctuating weight!!! And When I stepped on the weighing scale and saw 132 pounds I was like good Lord this chica has to rock a Monokini and twirl in the sun, yes, I rocked the,the monokini and it felt gooood!!! just had to share this splendid experience in Dar/ Zanzibar.

                                  Preparing to Twirl. . .
                                            The Shenanigans. . .

Lovely day,

Monday, 21 April 2014


The Blue And White Affair!!!

Hey beautiful people?

How you doing? Hoping your all good, and your enjoying your Easter holidays!!! Happy, happy, happy Easter. . . oh!! My i have been really busy for the  past few weeks and i just had to take some time off  blogging or else i would have gone LOCO, LOCO!! But am back,back Thank God. 

Anyways, when i get time off my hectic work /life i looove to pursue my second loove which is photography, taking pictures we all know that by  now . .Right? OK.. .here are some pictures of my latest, latest photo shoot with the>> amazing photographer  Sammy Khan ( 0722-420 074 ) and as always the pictures were super, super, super AWESOME thank you Sammy!!!  I loove, loove them. 

What do you think??? 

Be Blessed,