Monday, 21 April 2014


The Blue And White Affair!!!

Hey beautiful people?

How you doing? Hoping your all good, and your enjoying your Easter holidays!!! Happy, happy, happy Easter. . . oh!! My i have been really busy for the  past few weeks and i just had to take some time off  blogging or else i would have gone LOCO, LOCO!! But am back,back Thank God. 

Anyways, when i get time off my hectic work /life i looove to pursue my second loove which is photography, taking pictures we all know that by  now . .Right? OK.. .here are some pictures of my latest, latest photo shoot with the>> amazing photographer  Sammy Khan ( 0722-420 074 ) and as always the pictures were super, super, super AWESOME thank you Sammy!!!  I loove, loove them. 

What do you think??? 

Be Blessed,

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