Monday, 31 March 2014



Hey, guys, 
Hoping your all good and you enjoyed yourselves over the weekend. .I know, i know I have been missing in action it’s because i have been busy, busy but I am back yeah! Anyways, a few weekends back I went for my good, good friend’s ruracio in Muranga County the event was AMAZING!!! got to understand the Kikuyu Customs. . never been to Muranga new experience hey!! the scenery was awe- inspiring!!!

For the ruracio I wanted to go for a very decent yet stunning look so I wore my little stripy dress, my long colorful maxi skirt then cinched the waist with a brown belt to bring the hour glass silhouette figure, rocked my Gold accessories, and my cobalt blue handbag to make the look complete. .  My lovely ladies also looked stunning. Stunning!!!

                        The color blocking outfit. . .
                                                      The sunset Side pose. . .
                                                 My girl Edith looking fabulous. . .
                                              My Bff doing her thing. . .
                     Bride to be Kate with big/ small sister. . .

                                    Kate being fabulous in the wild!!!
                         off the shoulder pose,how  i love the back cut . . .


Day- to -evening look- My stripy little dress came in handy. . . latersss we went out and this is how I rocked it . . .pssst! Forgot to take pics with them heels. . what do you think???


   Lovely day,

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


60’s and 70’S Trendy Style!!!

Palazzo pants are not just comfortable but also pretty much very trendy if worn the right way. if you like this popular ’70s style, here, are some great tips to help you look your best when rocking them.


Pick the right fabric and color for the look you want to sport. For a feminine look opt for flowy silks in pretty pastels.


your top plays an important role in getting the right look. You could also team your palazzo pants with a flowy animal print top for a feminine look.


Palazzo pants are very versatile and can be worn in different ways according to the occasion. Keep it casual and feminine.

Make- up:

Keep the make-up simple.

Prints Matter:

Avoid small prints and opt for bold prints or no prints at all.


 PICTURES from freetopone

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Sense of Bourgeois!!!
Hey guys hoping you all had a splendid weekend and you’re ready to start this week in style. .Last week I mentioned that I was going for the River Wood Awards and yeah! I graced that ceremony in style and poise you all know me by now I don't disappoint haha!!!

The event was super awesooome it started on time which is a great thing I must say. The River Wood team did an excellent job!! What I loved about the event was the fact that they were appreciating, supporting and embracing new fresh talent in the industry, from the guys who performed  to the sound guys, DJ,  fab!fab!(am that Observant ha!) I think it's always good to give others a chance to prove themselves and right there again; I give the R-Wood team a tap on the back!!!

I was also impressed by the dressing of most people, and what I noticed was the 'African Theme dress code” going on which  is great .

So, for that event I decided to rock my stripey little black skirt which (I looove to death by the way) wore a black camisole, faux fur and my gold accessories. . And not forgetting my so trendy Chanel Handbag and wedges. Do you think I look FABULOUS!!!

Bob Nyanja- People I just had to take a picture with the legendary film director, producer he’s our Woody Allen if you don’t know Bob and the films he’s produced- directed you need to be shipped to Nauru or Bhutan ha! He was the location assistant Manager of Nowhere in Africa, Director of Captain Nakara he also did survivor Africa Series the list is endless (make a point of watching at least two of his movies). . Goodness!! I know so much about Bob Nyanja the next step would be to STALK him literally hahah!!
                                            Appie Matere and Emanuel Boaz. . .

                                          Me and Janet Mbunga best supporting actress. . .
                                           FIERCE. . . . .
                                  HERE WE GO. . . .

In no particular order this lovely people impressed me with their dressing. . . . the ladies. .
Appie Matere Producer/Director- I love the outfit she had black leggings, black camisole and to make the look pop-out she wore her color blocked trench coat, nude shoes which I liked aloot she looked classy and elegant!!!

Achieng Mungai Producer- she rocked the High low peplum ankara dress which looked fabulous and had an cute print on the back it was vibrant,chic-hip niceee!!

Janet Mbunga Actress –The best TV Lead actress looked good in her long flowing one shoulder Ankara dress and her make-up was subtle and on point congrats Janet!!

  Joseph Wambua Harmony Sounds- his outfit was am here to make a statement, very easy edgy playful nice, chilled-out   look. loooved it!! The brown loafers were really cool!!

Emmanuel Boaz Bongo Artist- he also went with the slim fitting one button suit and he also looked stunning thumbs up!!

   Lovely day,
*** Kisses***