Friday, 2 May 2014


Hey y’all?

Thank God it’s Friday yeah!! Yeah!!(I loooVE Fridays) today was a very easy day for me I was a happy Chica because I went for lunch with my beautiful BFF Carol the last time I saw this girl was like 20 years ago and we just had to link up and chat, chat  and I realllly, really had a good time. 

It was, “The Healthy Food Date Day” so, we decided to go for lunch at a new joint in town, (Remains Anonymous for now) this place has yummy, yummy salads, (That’s if you’re on a strict veggie/white meat diet that’s the place to be) the ambiance is sooo, sooo cool. . Here are the pictures of what we had for lunch. . .

                       Divalicious. .
                       Me and My Girlie Carol Friends For-ever. . .

Lovely Weekend,

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