Monday, 19 May 2014


Me and the Girls!!!
Hoping you all had a lovely weekend?? Good!!! Because, I did. Went for a friends Bridal Shower. .Anyways. . .For the past few weeks, weeks I have been sooo,sooo busy dint get time to do anything even blogging but now am back, back until something else comes up.(Let’s hope not!)
I always advocate on TIME –OUT with your friends, where you can all just lazy around, talk about anything and everything, and to also have a good laugh, So, me and my girls we decided to go to VIMA a while back to chill, balling, binge eating and it was fun, fun!!!! True Friends are indeed unique and very special people, I appreciate and Thank God for mine!! >> Take time to appreciate yours.  . .

 Lovely Week,

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