Thursday, 19 June 2014




1. Tell us about yourself ?

Cool, calm and collected I call it triple because people think I’m funny so that’s what you get when you hang out with me.

2. Describe your style?

Rugged with a tinge of class. Let’s call it street look.

3. Where do you shop?

Anywhere….my friends’ closets, no specific joints can quench my thirst, Random from Gikomba, Toy to Uptown shops, overseas ooh I almost forgot Moi avenue lol… that’s my joint.

4.Which trend are you currently obsessed with?

uumm  skin lightening haha! Anyway, I am not a trend follower, bora look imekubali of which I never fail.. wink!! I rock chill pants hoodies, sweat-shirts and sneakers that’s my basic look coz of the nature of my job. I need to be free not uptight, Shoots can be crazy and can last up to 23hours. How can you survive with a suit?? Am I mareck?? (sautisols manager)lol.  I recently started to embrace snap-backs and tattoos.

5. Which Kenyan celebrities do you think have Style? 

Enos olik my main man, Shaffie Weru also does it street… and not forgetting tripper the Mc. 

6. Where do you think guys go wrong when it comes to dressing?

When they copy from other people and their posture or body doesn’t fit/ looks so, so off… Hallo!! You cannot be Sautisol or Diamond. Be yourself, identify what you are cool with, comfort is paramount!
Again mind your dress code in relation to your profession you cannot be a banker and you try pull my style haiwess make we call it a fail..  But if you are in the game get crazy”.

Beauty on the scale>>> loves, loves Marvin’s Sense of Style, plus he knows how to pose for photos. . . I must say he is mmmh,mmh!. . Cute hey!! haha!! We give him 150%. What do you guys think???

Lovely Weekend!!!

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