Monday, 8 June 2015


Hey beautiful people?

So, what plans do you have for the weekend? As for me, my weekend will be full of juicy catch up gossip I will be going to visit my sooo trendy sister at her place with my other stylish girlfriend ( call it a reunion of the century). The last time I saw my girl Trish was when i was 20 years old sigh! Am now a senior citizen - Glam Mama as nene leakes puts it :-) my weekend will be full of ‘thigh-slapping-hi-5in’ laughs & warm hugs.

Feel free to share ***details*** of how you weekend unfolded.

Let me start by sharing my love addiction to beauty, “Hey, My name is Joan and am an Addict of all things ‘Fabulous’” that village is my happy place...that's how much I love beauty.

Yesterday was ‘Joan treat-yourself-day’ I went to get my nails did and No, it was not at a very bourgie SPA in the middle of the exclusive Abedares forest it was in town. To be precise Imenti house, Moi avenue dint expect that right did you? Well, you can find beauty in unexpected corners. 

When it comes to beauty services it’s all about good customer care, respect, and appreciation; with policies like ‘the customer is always right’ driving many to create attractive packages to get your last shilling. This is what I get from John the wizard whose magic transforms my nails. Like clockwork, he calls me after every two weeks to tell me Hey, glam chic do you know you need to come and change that gel polish cos it’s going to cramp your diplomatic lifestyle?’ He is keen on keeping me on my toes when looking out for my image I feel I have a vision partner and plus am comfortable around him. I can tell him something like, “by the way dude I hate this nail polish and he would be like lets change it if you don't like it. And that's the kind of relationship that I see growing with in the future I am involved in my look.

As much as am diva conscious about what’s in and what’s a ‘no-no’ sometime your lose your voice when you walk into a parlour and the connection is missing. Have you ever gone to a Nail spa and you don't like a particular service that they've offered? And it’s just a stiff walk in and walk out. And you can’t air your grievances because you fear what will be said? Sad. But not with John, in his little spot he is making little strides that are making a big impact and he is building a strong relationship with clientele such as myself and that means more to me than a coffee cup in a bourgie par-lour that forgets me as soon as I walk out.

Before I discovered John through my friends, friends I used to go to a pretty high end Nail spa somewhere in one of the Up market neighborhoods’ where I used to pay 4,000 shillings( $ 40) for the prestige purposes firstly, I never used to like the service I was getting and honesty it was just pricey I now pay 1000 shillings ($10) for my gel nail polish am happy, I look amazing plus I get to save 3000 shillings( $30) which I now use to buy food stuffs for a good cause for some of the foundations I support.

When it comes to beauty- Nails in particular it doesn't matter where your making your nails, what matters is the service, the price, always measure it’s worth, do your math, if it’s not adding up then it’s not worth it, save that dime because you don't know whether that financial investment will soon turn to a regret...I have found my spot good service, comfortable price and endless lolly pops to boot for my sweet tooth (we will talk about dental another time that one could be a tough one esp. with my sweet tooth)
The end product loove, loove it :-)

soaking time. . . .

The cutting process. . .

The part where i get a massage. . .

The claws are out. . .

Cut and filed to precision. . .

Lovely day,


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