Thursday, 13 March 2014


New Year’s Affair!!!
Hey, people?

 I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, because I did. I went for my friends’ rurachio in Muranga County and we had a blast!! I will be sharing those pictures real, real soon they are epic!!! oh well ! My good, good friend and cousin invited me for the Heineken party which she had organized and it was at The Gallileo Lounge, I must say she did a really good job thumbs up koi!!and I just had to share this pictures because not only was I looking fab,fab I also got to celebrate my 16th birthday doesn’t it feel good to be young!!

I decided to wear my little devilish red dress, my gold accessories- you can never go wrong with gold ever, ever!!!!  I was going for comfort and as I always say comfort is key!!!! And to make this sexy look complete I wore my Animal Print Doll shoes.  Do you think I did this outfit justice????

                                              Me rocking my Little Devilish Red dress. . .

                                                 The up- close and candid picture SAYS  it all. . . .                                   
Me and my girl koi Motiga the Organizer of The Heineken New Year's party cheers to
 good times. .                                                               
                                                     Time TO have fuuuuuuuuuuun!!!                                   
                                And HERE, are the Kenya's Next Top Models. . .
                                            Me and my girls from Tunisia. .

 Be Blessed,

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