Tuesday, 18 March 2014



Hola Beautiful people!! 

 As I said on my previous post me and photography , posing having this amazing relationship going on and  I must say am loooving it anyways, My photographer Sammy Khan suggested that we go for a photo shoot at the Nairobi Safari Walk and I was sooo, soooo game you wouldn’t believe it. . . and Mr.Sammy did an incredible job.
So, this month am planning on embarking on a serious, serious diet regime, aerobics , jogging plan I want to lose 10 kilograms by Mid-august because I want to go to Zanzibar if all goes well and this girl MUST underline Must rock a Monokini hey!!! I always say, this here, I’ve  really struggled with fluctuating weight and every time I lose weight( more than 10 to 15 kgs) I have to treat myself with a Holiday and not food!!! This year am looking forward to treating myself again and this time it’s in August after I loooose  like 10kgs my aim is to be 59, 60 am 69kgs now and I feel so heavy,HEAVY  .. Long story short if you want to join me in my EXERCISE PLAN feel free to hala!!! We can be going to the gym together you know. . 

Lovely day and Be Blessed,

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