Saturday, 1 March 2014


!Hola las Chicas!

Am super, super excited  I am finally joining the blogging World yeah!!I know I will have  a good time!! DAY 1: I always used to say I will. start up my own blog well  leo ni leo thanks to mis amiga @Beryl Ooro for encouraging feels good indeed :-x
I will be blogging about everything and anything that makes me happy from healthy food, fashion, make-up, my aerobics/gym work-out!  i know we will have such an amaaazing time.
 Story of my life. . . I have reeeeeeeeeally struggled with weight, being OBESE as my good friend Eugene Osidiana used to call me really,Realllly?? sooo, I will be sharing my journey>> towards being a size 10<< (still working towards being a size 10) and I would like to encourage everyone who wants to loooose weight not to give up. . keep Moving, Keeping Moving don’t look back!!and all the best.

So this is my before. . .
                                                        before the revolution. . . .
After. . . .

So Everything is possible if you just put your mind to it,  i never thought  that i would ever be Miss Skinny Me!!!but hey! it is possible! *kisses*

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